Our Services


Speechwriting, Press Releases, Blogs & Editing

Bring the crowd to its feet. Inspire your readers. Get quoted in the press. Crafting exceptional communications is what we do. Whether it's working from scratch or fine-tuning your own work, we capture your voice and make your written work product sing. 

Leadership Training

Powerpoints are boring. Go beyond the bland and embrace a new way to hone your leadership skills. Our interactive trainings span a wide range of exclusive topics and technologies, from using classical rhetoric techniques to become a more persuasive person to learning how to ace an interview or media appearance. Whether you're a candidate, an organizational leader or in the private sector, Georgia's experience working with VIPs brings a rare perspective to the table. Her anecdotes and research promise that every training is entertaining, engaging and effective. 

Policy Training

Don't just wing it on policy. Get trained on complex issues in as little as 60 minutes. Georgia's trademark policy trainings do more than just recite facts. She blends context, history and current events to provide you with an enlightening snapshot of local, state, federal and international issues. 



Social Media & email OuTreach

Truly sophisticated media strategy goes beyond simply sharing a graphic or using the right hashtag. It's about knowing who to target with your message, micro-targeting them, and most importantly, following up with sustained action. We are experts in social media strategies, including social media design and Facebook and Google advertising, as well as list-building, A/B testing, and email writing and design.  

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.
— Benjamin Franklin

Graphic Design & Website Development

Polished and professional -- that's our approach to visual branding. We've worked with developers to design websites which have received millions of visits. We also craft stunning event invitations for your fundraisers and events, as well as providing overall campaign branding such as logo design, business cards, banners, letterhead and more.